Dear Mr. Klayman,

I don’t expect that you will ever read this post.  If you do, I hope you will take a glance at the GLOOG site to just get an idea of  it’s true spirit.  I’m not a TV pundit.  Not a Political adviser.  Not a Professor, a judge, a lawyer, a politician, not any of the people that everyday we have to listen to on the state of affairs in America.  Joe the Plumber was the closest we ‘unknowns’ ever got to publicly being heard and maybe even listened to.  So for the sake of this letter just think of me as Bill the Baker.

When it comes to heroes here at GLOOG and at, you sir are at the very top of our list.  If America had more Larry Klaymans we would not be in the mess we’re in and this site would be irrelevant.   So Thank You for all the great work you do and the personal sacrifices you have made to maybe bring some justice to an unjust system.

I Recently read your article at WND titled  ‘After The Tea Party‘.   As usual you have ‘separated the trees to expose the forest’.   You say that “The revolution has begun, but don’t think that simply restoring Republican control of Congress in this fall’s election will change things much.” I agree 100% but express it as ‘rearranging the chairs on the Titanic’. It is understandable how the general population cannot see this but it is amazing how few ‘political experts’ understand this.   Were they not around in 1994 when a similar situation existed and the Republicans took over control?  Look where we’re at now!   More than anyone you understand that “There is no real remedy to the nation’s current state of affairs through the present government.” Be it the “present government” or the present ‘judicial system’,   they both can only be as good as the people that are in them and as you are well aware, therein lies the problem.

So we have our “present government”; the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.  The Divine inspiration of the Founders cannot be argued with.  So what then went wrong?   Like any problem that arises in multiple embodiments, the common denominator must be identified if there is any chance of solving this problem.   Fortunately the common denominator here is easily identified.  All of these branches of our government, both State and Federal are almost totally comprised of one privileged group of people; lawyers.   Unfortunately, these lawyers are more representative of the ACLU than the ADF or Freedom Watch.  To expand on this with you would be ‘preaching to the choir’ so let me get to the main point of this letter.

In your article you ask the question;  “But what means will our non-violent revolution take?” You then go on to espouse the ‘Citizen’s Grand Jury’  as the answer.   Please allow me to disagree.  (OK I know.  Who the hell am I, Bill the Baker, to argue legal justifications with Larry ‘The Lion Slayer’ Klayman?   I can only base my argument on my unfortunate legal experiences and common sense.)    Although your Citizen’s Grand Jury is an astute and  bona fide legal challenge, the odds of success are small.   The reasoning is best illustrated by examining the recent Health Care Bill.   Remember when everyone declared the bill “dead on arrival” because of Scott Brown being the 41st vote in the Senate?    Low and behold, a few months later it was law.  Why?  (If you have a few minutes, please check out :  It’s Their Game and They Make The Rules .)   Simply put,  they have total control over every aspect of those departments or branches of the government that you will need to win or even if you did win, to implement your resolve.     As they did with the HCB, they will rally the troops, twist the meaning of the laws that you depend on, and this noble attempt, as would any effort to seize their power, will fail.  As long as lawyers are in control, they will be able to maintain this control.  Only if they no longer control all branches of government can ‘We The People’ once again take control of our country and our destiny.

In order to  reacquire the government that the Founders created and that made us the ‘envy of the world’, we must implement just 2 rules that will insure success for more than an election or two;

The first is of course’ term limits’.    Without term limits, we are betting against human nature.   Lord Acton was just crediting Mother Nature when he observed that ” Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

The second and most important, we must revive the ‘missing’  original 13th Amendment in a new 28th Amendment with the same intent; to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.

As you stated, the current mood of the nation is ready for this 2nd Revolution.    The potential success of this 28th Amendment lies in the fact that it is the province of the states to originate it and pass it.  No need to rely on Congress or the President.  ( ‘ Two-thirds of the States can call a Constitutional Convention, draft an amendment and again 3/4 of States have to ratify it.   This has never been done.’ )    The fact that it has never been done before would make it more appealing to the people.  (They like being part of history; ie –  ‘the 1st ‘black’ president – this was historic, the fact that he wasn’t qualified was inconsequential)

Most Americans now have no faith in Congress and the self-serving laws that they pass.   This is a momentous time and it just may be the right time, or maybe the only time before it’s too late,  to convene a Constitutional Convention to set the country back on it’s God given path.  ‘ The Good Guys’ cannot win this game unless they take the field and go on offense.  We can’t afford to gamble it all on a ‘Hail Mary’ strategy or a temporary lead like voting in another party.   A Constitutional Convention is a timely, effective and lasting way to reverse the continuing success of the opponent.   Thank God for the brilliance of The Founding Fathers to give us this game plan.

Finally, of course I pray that you ever get to read this to begin with and that you will give it some thought.   A Constitutional Convention is a plausible way to ‘Take Back America’  but is only possible if a Larry Klayman is behind it.    The American Dream Lives On…

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Most Sincerely,

F. William Houraney

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