It’s Their Game & They Make the Rules

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Next time you and your best friend get together to play your favorite game, tell him that you have decided to change the rules .  When he asks you what the new rules are, tell him that you will let him know as and when you decide you need them.  Also that you will let him know what rules apply to him and what rules apply to you.   Let me know how this works out…

Its About Time We Play By Our Rules Again…

It’s taken decades and we all helped them.  Before they could actually change the rules, they had to gain total control.  They have always enjoyed partial control and were satisfied.  But they are human and human nature will always prevail.  We continually allowed this group to gain power and privilege without qualification.   They represent only .36% of the American population. Their profession is one of the very least respected professions in America in polls year after year.  They can lie, trick and con you and then they can hug known murders in celebration after ‘playing’ you the jury.  They tax and they spend your money without conscience.  They fail at the job you give them yet they still receive salaries and pensions most people only dream of.   They are destroying the greatest country in world history and most people still don’t even recognize them.  You call them ‘politicians’, ‘judges’, ‘senators’, ‘republicans’, ‘democrats’, ‘liberals’, ‘conservatives’, etc.  They have for decades brilliantly hid behind these labels as they invaded and took control of our country.  They now control the legislatures, the courts and the executive branches of ALL  local, state, and the the federal government.

They now have Total Control and They Now Make The Rules.

Anyone who does not realize this is not paying attention.  Anyone who thinks this is ridiculous, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.    Yes, lawyers now run the United States of America.   Every move you make or consider in your daily personal or business life is in some way is directed by lawyers under the titles delineated above.  Take a moment and think about it.  Even in your conversation with your fellow man you have to be careful not to be ‘libelous’ or cause any ‘emotional harm’ or even tell them how sexy they look (sexual harassment) for fear of a lawsuit.  You have to walk a straight line 24/7 or else.  BUT THEY are Exempt. Every single bill you pay and every product you buy has to have lawsuit costs built in to the final price. Doctors pay enormous amounts of money and live daily with the potential malpractice suit hovering over them.   Lawyers fail clients everyday, ever hear of malpractice insurance for lawyers?  Unfair?  NO, ‘those are the rules’.  Get it?  Remember how relieved most Americans were when Scott Brown won the Senate seat and was the 41st vote against Health Care Bill?  The bill was now “dead on arrival”.  They no longer had the 60 votes needed.  No problem, ‘It’s their game and so they just added another rule they needed.  Done – Won.   Starting to get it?  Not yet?  OK here’s just a few more examples; (Google search results in case you need more proof.)

–  A Few ‘Games’ Played Just Lately  –

Health Care Bill;  American voters said no – Ruling class paid no attention – Ruling Class Wins

Health care bill passed despite will of voters: America’s system of government based on the U.S. Constitution is being overthrown through illegal legislative “trickery” Congress is using to pass controversial health-care reform.

GoogleResults 1 – 10 of about 3,630,000 for voters demands overlooked.

Health Care Bill Exempts President, Congress and Staff:  Voters mandated inferior healthcare – Ruling Class Exempts Itself – Ruling Class Wins

As with all oligarchies – laws are for the little people.

Google Results 1 – 10 of about 1,760,000 for congress passes laws and exempts themselves.

Malpractice Reform:  Georgia voters passed a law – Ruling Class Overruled their vote

Ruling Class Wins

In 2005, the Georgia legislative assembly passed sweeping tort reform laws that, its supporters said, would limit medical malpractice insurance premiums and encourage doctors to stay back in the state. The matter went to the Supreme Court, and Georgia’s ‘Supreme’ Court overruled the people.

Google Results 1 – 10 of about 70,200 for malpractice reform legislation overturned

Judge Overturns Jury Verdict:  Jury does their ‘duty’ – Ruling Class Overrules –Ruling Class Wins

How many times have you heard this and wondered ‘what the hell is the jury for then’?

Google Results: 1 – 10 of about 61,700 for judge overturns jury verdict.

Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional – It’s Their Game and THEY Make the Rules…

Stay Tuned: ‘Federal judge rules 10 Commandments unconstitutional’

Google Results 1 – 10 of about 23,300 for Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional.

The list of ‘games won’ and ‘special rules’ by the ruling class goes on   and    on.    One final ‘favorite’ of mine is the rights they have given themselves as to their own employment.  Let me ask you;

1. Can you give yourself a raise?

2. Can you give your family the best medical coverage in America and only pay about 20% of the cost?

3. Can you receive a pension after only a few years of work?

There’s too many more too mention here so finally, in the spirit of  the 2008 campaign, contemplate this;

Go to your boss and tell him that you need to take off of your job for about 2 years.  When he asks why, tell him that you need the time to look for a better job.  Then tell him that you expect him to pay you full salary during this time you need to try to find a better job.  And finally, tell him to leave your position open in case you don’t get the new job.    Let me know how that works out…

Its About Time We Play By Our Rules Again…

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