Shame On Us

– Take a Good Look at this Mother and her 7 year old twin sons –

Beautiful,  Healthy and Happy

until February 22, 2010 when the father killed them all in cold blood…

We all know this mother and her children very well.

They are us.

“There but for the grace of God go I”

Doesn’t matter.

The verse is prophetic but hollow.

You see the reality & the evidence all support the fact that our society is insincere and quite frankly, doesn’t give a dam about these poor souls.  Let’s take a look…

The legacy of this beautiful and innocent family, God Bless Their Souls, is that they were brutally murdered for no reason and that WE – OUR SYSTEM – WILL NEVER, EVER bring justice for them.

Wellington father accused of killing wife, sons will be represented by public defender

By Susan Spencer-Wendel Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Posted: 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2010

Neal Jacobson, the Wellington father accused of shooting dead his wife and twin sons, will be represented by a public defender, a judge ruled Tuesday.  Jacobson listed significant assets in his application for a public defender, including $600,000 in deposits or money market accounts, $100,000 in real estate equity, $7,800 monthly in rental income, $28,000 annually in dividends.

He also listed $2.3 million in liabilities and debts, according to the affidavit.

Prosecutors, in a request for his pre-trial detention, wrote that Jacobson told State Attorney’s Office Investigator Bill Fraser that he had $600,000 that he could liquidate within hours.

But in a request to a judge, Public Defender Carey Haughwout wrote that any of Jacobson’s possible assets are marital assets which belong to the estate of his wife. “Mr. Jacobson does not desire to use any marital assets in order to hire an attorney. Any marital assets should go to the estate,” she wrote.

Haughwout asked a judge to determine whether Jacobson must utilize the marital assets to hire an attorney or whether he is entitled to court-appointed counsel.

Circuit Judge Stephen Rapp this morning decided the matter by appointing the Public Defender’s Office to represent him.

So begins the protracted process of justice for Jacobson.

Yes, you read it right. “… justice for Jacobson”.

For the sake of time, we will not get into this scum getting a public defender.  You have to hurry, finish reading this blog and get back to work. Your income taxes are needed to insure Mr. Jacobson “is not denied justice” and “gets a fair trial”.  So what if he was captured with the gun and the victims blood on him.  And just because he confessed doesn’t mean that the lawyers and judges should have to drive a Hyundai instead of a Mercedes…

And Yes, you will pay for all costs.

Justice for the mother and sons and the victims families, why hell we don’t even pay to bury them or send a sympathy card…!

– And Here is Why –

A single death penalty case, from the point of arrest to execution, ranges from $1 million to $3 million.

The Facts: The $1-$3 million dollars that would normally go for ‘schools, hospitals, public safety, and jobs,’  goes towards guaranteeing ‘justice’ for the murderer while the victims family and friends work to pay for his ‘justice’.   Whether the murderer is executed or dies in prison, for on average 15 to 20 years, the millions flow primarily into the pockets of the lawyers and judges (LJs).  Without even considering the costs/taxes needed to finance the operation of the courts and those palatial structures built for the LJs to make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per hour.     To be honest,  we also can work there in the courtroom.  So what if they ‘force’ us to help them. They do pay us, what is it now, about $8.00 a day.

The Review: There can never be justice for victims in a murder case.   They are dead and never to return.  Their families world has been ‘blown up’ and their hearts will cry until the end of their lives.  Every time I hear another lawyer or lawyer/politician  say that ‘we will seek justice for the victims and families’, I want to drag them down to the morgue and show them their own family lying there.  Only then would I ask them; “so what is this justice you talk of ” ?

No, there can never be justice for the victims or their families.  So Wake Up society.  Quit following the lead of the only ones who are benefiting from this ‘justice’.  The same group of people who tell us that ‘government is not  a business and will always lose money’ so they can continue to waste your money while filling their pockets.

The Common Sense Solution: Yes, there can be some justice served.  Ironically, it would not only serve society, it may even be the only redemption for the murderer.  There of course, is no way the murderer can give back the life he has taken.  But he does have the ability to do whatever possible to pay for his horrendous crime.  He may not want to, but as a civilized society we have an obligation to make sure that he indeed redeems himself to society, to the victims memory and to the victims family.  Would a ‘civilized and intelligent society even contemplate taking 20 years and spending millions of dollars to eventually kill the person and trash his body in the ground?   Any argument espousing any benefits to this is strictly ideological.  Interesting word; ‘ideological’.   Idea & Logical.  Sounds pretty good.  Except it is a misnomer. Think about it for a while.  Try this word ‘myidealogicaltome’.  Break it apart and you have the true definition of what ‘ideology’ is.  Later on this…

Within 90 days of conviction or confession, whichever comes first, the murderer should be sent to a medical center for organ donation and/or medical research.  A life, or indeed many lives would be saved.  Cures for human disease and human suffering would be greatly accelerated resulting in saved lives and better health for all.  Extreme & inhumane?  No.  What is extreme, barbaric and uncivilized, is what is being done today.  Not convinced?   Well then just do the math:  Losers: lawyers,  judges and prison funeral directors.  Winners:  The Taxpayer, Civilized Society, Medical Science, The Victim’s Memory & Victims Families, every eligible person and their friends and family, whose life depends on an organ transplant,  accelerated medical cures and treatments resulting in enhanced health and life for all society.

Still think this is wrong.  I understand that your ‘ideology’  will not permit it.  So let’s be patient.  We can be confident that the day will come when you look into your doctor’s eyes and realize that your ‘ideology’ is not the answer.  And that ‘justice for Mr. Jacobson’ was indeed a travesty of an uncivilized and misguided society….

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