In America today, there are two English languages;

#1. Lawyer English:  You hear it daily from politicians and regular lawyers.  Also, just regular public/government workers speak it at times.  Understood, we know who their masters are.   When we hear it we shake our heads in disbelief.  Either they are stupid or they think we are.  (Place your bets on the latter.)  Here’s an example;

WOW!  And with a straight face…

And now let’s look at

#2: American English.    So refreshing.  It’s what we learned in school and what our mom and dad taught us.  It’s the language we use to communicate everyday in The United States of America.  Here’s a real American speaking our language;

OK so I cheated.  Of course there’s no parallel.  Col. Allen West spent over 20 years in the military. He’s proud of his country’s Judeo-Christian foundation.  And he never went to law school….

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