Came across this video of Harry Reid (another lawyer running America).

Comments + on this video posted on YouTube via GLOOG1:

Here’s The Deal;

We the People’ are just the jury.

The lawyers (politicians) are using our money (taxes) to build and pay all maintenance & overhead on ‘the court house’ ( the country)  so they can work in it & make hundred/thousands per hour + benefits + total control of ‘the courthouse’.   Of course they talk to us as if we are stupid. Do you blame them?   After all, we are only ‘just jurors’ who can be convinced to work for about $8.00 a day.  And we keep voting them in office even though they have little if any experience at what is needed to get done. And their arrogance is only surpassed by their self importance and entitlement mentality. And their track record for running the ‘biggest buisness in the world’ (The USA) is abysmal. (‘President ((Lawyer in Chief)) Barack Obama proposed his 2010 budget during February 2009. The federal deficit is forecast to be $1.75 trillion in 2009, with an additional $1.17 trillion in 2010 added to the total (the first year of the plan) and $533 billion by 2013.’ )

So keep electing those lawyers to run everything!!


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