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NOT ” Of the lawyers, By The lawyers, & For The lawyers…”

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GLOOG  – Get Lawyers Out Of Government


Our goal is to target the 2014 & 2016 Elections as the “Shot Heard Round The World’ that will launch America’s 2nd Revolution and begin to bring our Government back to the control “Of The People”

It’s Free – It’s Simple – AND It WILL Restore our Country to what The Founders envisioned.

God Bless America  – Let’s Make It Happen

The 2nd American Revolution has begun.

This ‘War for Independence’ is Simple:


This Revolution Will Be Won When We No Longer Vote Lawyers Into office…


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  • Danny Steele

    Put the producers back in charge of government! Get the government out of my pocket!!!

  • I certainly am in favor of getting rid of lawyers in government. Unfortunately they are so imbedded in everything we do and say its almost impossible. I’d like to say lets get them out of the legal system, as well. They can screw up more things — I used to play racket ball with a couple of lawyers. My wife and I took in foster kids. One of the kids broke the law and we took him to court. This was his thrid offense. The lawyer the court assigned him was one of my racket ball friends who wanted to get him off with just probabtion. I asked, “How can you justify letting a criminal go free?” He said, “As a defender that’s my job.” No, I said. “Your job is to get him a fair trial — not get him off scott free.” That thinking is how the lawyers get things so screwed up!

  • F.William Houraney

    “If it were’nt for lawyers, we wouldn’t need any lawyers…”

  • Who am I?

    I am a retired successful entrepreneur who has traveled throughout the world and I can balance a checkbook and a budget.
    The problem of the budget is not just federal it’s state and local. With a runaway budget brings hardship to not only the local and state governments but to the taxpayers. The problem with the federal government bailouts was that there is no check and balance. Banks received money to help those in foreclosure and instead the CEO’s stuffed their pockets with raises and allowed foreclosures to continue. The main cause of the foreclosures was junk mortgages which the Clinton Administration ignored. These mortgages well hidden information from the public continued during the Bush administration and came to a sudden crash during Obama’s. No one wants to take the responsibility for;

    1. The Market Crashing
    2.The Banks spending on themselves
    3. The citizens who lost not only Jobs but homes.

    The Obama administration decided instead of educating the natural born Citizens of America they imported students for free in Middle Eastern Countries Educated them gave them jobs here with green cards. Obama in the past 3 years has immigrated over 300,000 a year to the USA and created jobs for them , gave them new $250,000 homes that were bought by his administration from the surplus sitting in builders hands, gave them green cards, built new schools for their children ( most have Mosques built in to the schools) , gave them emergency medicare and emergency Social Security and they did not pay a dime into our system. Meanwhile Natural Born Americans are living in tents with children in the forests of our states wondering if they would last the cold winters this year. I have visited these people who have one generator to power a washing machine.
    The homes Obama has given to the Islamic guests of his could be given to our homeless for shelter and hope for a better tomorrow.
    Obama’s foreign policies and his I am sorry tour has weakened us. Obama took away millions of jobs when he closed NASA. Clinton took away millions of jobs when he closed the Naval Yards. Closing these places caused a domino effect from Manufactures to the food vending truck parked outside each working place.
    We need to protect everyone’s jobs. Whether it’s Union or Non Union. We need to create jobs so that everyone works and not depend on the government.
    UN Agenda 21 allow’s foreign governments to take over our farmlands Give our food that our farmers worked so hard to grow to other countries. This food never reaches those who are in need And Obama signed this!

    What am I going to do? I as an America feel we are already over taxed. I will NOT RAISE TAXES but find a way to lower them. I want to create a high IMPORT Tax on those business who do business in the USA and Manufacture outside. Credit for those who open and hire American Born. Discourage outsourcing with high taxes penalties on those who hire foreigners. Bring the technical jobs back into America. We need to establish that charity begins at home first and take care of America first.

    Those countries who burn our flags and chant death to America will not receive USA government aid. No more Federal Money’s to build Mosques so that Terrorist can plot and plan another 9/11 and remove the Mosque in the Capital and in the Pentagon. This is government property not a religious outlet. There are Mosgues all over Washington DC Muslims can go to. No special treatment for any religion. No Halah food. Ever hear of brown bagging?

    America is the land of the free not the land of a few privileged,

    Join me in defeating Obama and then defeating the same old story of the Republican removing programs Americans need.

  • Mairi

    WOW! I’ve been saying this for EONS! Writing the very legislation that keeps attorneys in business ad infinitum is such a MAJOR conflict of interest I cannot believe any reasonable person doesn’t understand.
    Here’s a quote that will curl your toenails:

    Judge Craft said, “It’s kind of hard for laypersons to understand the code of judicial conduct.”

    Thanks to:

    This man is in charge of the TCOJ…..imagine that!
    These arrogant vermin believe that ONLY they can write and interpret law. NOT! The Founders wanted this Nation to be run by citizen legislators. Attorneys have their OWN branch of government, the Judiciary. I recently engaged in a major discourse with an new attorney running for office, and why these people must NEVER be allowed to legislate. Of course, she disagreed…….
    PLEASE contact me. The same corrupt judges come from the never ending pool…, SWAMP……of attorneys. I am with you 100%! Thanks for responding to my editorial at The Post and E-mail site, otherwise I may not have found you.
    I would like to get your e-mail address, as I am leaving here to begin disseminating your info to my Patriots. PLEASE contact me.

  • geno meucci

    You forgot the main,and central problem that has been plagueing our country for the last 100 years,that
    voracious animal is the Federal Reserve. That private group of thieves owns our so called representatives
    and they have done everything in their power to financially destroy this country,and others,so they can make
    make all of us slaves New World Order. We all need to unite and grind those elitist bastards into dust

  • Chuck Mansfield

    A former U.S. Marine and a Vietnam War veteran, I am writing a book, my second, which is a collection of articles, essays, letters, poems and speeches, many my own. I would like to include “THE FENCE TEST” by TheBottomLineGuy but need written permission, which I hope will be granted. Of course, full attribution will be given.

    My book’s title is “BITS AND PIECES: Stories to Soothe the Soul or Raise the Hackles.”

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Chuck Mansfield

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