George Washington

This award will be given to the person each year who best displays George Washington’s  character, intellect, common sense and love of country.  Also the person who best represents the Judeo-Christian philosophy upon which our nation was built.  Education and/or political experience are not prerequisites.  Attending law school for more than one semester disqualifies any potential candidate, without exception.

Voting will commence on Washington’s birthday, February 22, 2011.  The recipient will be named on Washington’s birthday, February 22, 2012   during the primary races for the 2012 presidential election.

The nominees will be from both the public and private arenas.  GLOOGers will be able to post their nominee recommendations, critiques and comments on this Blog site under the The George Washington Award category.

I will be posting various qualified nominees henceforth.  Please feel free to comment on them one way or another.  Any comments that suggest a nominee is not qualified under the parameters outline above, I will answer personally as long as the comment is just not an opinion and the supporting facts are delineated.  Nominees are not ‘carved in stone’ and may be withdrawn at anytime if their actions disqualify them.

The first nominee is Mr. Glenn Beck.  He not only meets the requirements with flying colors, but in my humble opinion, he is, bar none, the most brilliant and important American history, civics and cultural educator in modern history.  His “fusion of education and entertainment” merits a ‘Teacher of the Year’  award and any aspiring educator could be invigorated by watching him in action.   His TV and radio shows have done what few if any before him have been able to do.  That is to inform and educate the common, and many times ambivalent citizen, about their government and their representatives.  He makes it enjoyable and entertaining to gain knowledge that many times is just uninteresting and downright boring, yet immeasurably important in maintaining America’s success and the foundation it rests on.   Compassionate, knowledgeable, reverent, and straight talking.  An inspiring Horatio Alger story that takes a broken man and follows him to the pinnacle of success.  And most importantly, he has used this success to awaken and inspire our country.  Beck has initiated what GLOOG recognizes as one of the most important prerequisites for a government ‘Of the People, By the People, and For the People’;

A Qualified Electorate.

Glenn Beck – An eleven minute review of the American Soul.


The second nominee is Mrs. Sarah Palin.    She came on the scene almost out of nowhere in 2008 and she has risen to the top of political discourse ever since.  Her stature and influence with Americans is simply unequaled in modern day politics.   Talk about the advancement of women in America and this lady is surely the poster child.  If the feminist movement was an honest organization, they would be her greatest fan.  But since this disingenuous movement stands for everything immoral and UN-American, they try to demonize her because they know that her example will expose their true agendas.    Her appeal to American voters and her no-nonsense policy positions, make Sarah Palin America’s  21st Century woman to be reckoned with.

An all American combination of spirit, resilience, fortitude, God & family and love of country makes her an outstanding example of the mindset and character of our founding fathers and a natural for the George Washington Award.

Here’s Sarah speaking out for our Founders and America’s foundation.

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