This is an excerpt from the GLOOG Website Page; The Original 13th Ammendment

The following is presented to you as a relevant and historical chapter in our history that in essence shows that the GLOOG movement was actually born in 1777!  It also again illustrates the foresight and genius of the founding fathers.

The Original Thirteenth Amendment Prohibits Lawyers From Serving In Government

Date 08/01/91  -  David Dodge, Researcher and Alfred Adask, Editor


In the winter of 1983, archival research expert David Dodge, and former Baltimore police investigator Tom Dunn, were searching for evidence of government corruption in public records stored in the Belfast Library on the coast of Maine. By chance, they discovered the library’s oldest authentic copy of the Constitution of the United States (printed in 1825). Both men were stunned to see this document included a 13th Amendment that no longer appears on current copies of the Constitution. Moreover, after studying the Amendment’s language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this "missing" 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government…

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